Angola.. cuia bué

Angola was my home for 2 years of my life, and I have great memories about that somehow magic and not yet well known county.

Here are few photographs from  places I have been so many times, where I spent my days, went shopping, for a walk or to the beach… despite so different from my european reality after leaving there this place is part of my deepest being.



photography – all rights reserved – Ana Rocha


33 thoughts on “Angola.. cuia bué

  1. Rich Allan

    wow…beautiful photos. Angola has a stunning coastline…I never realized. The people live such a basic existence…food, shelter, clothing. Didn’t see one chair…squatting or sitting on the ground. Would be interested in some of the food you showed in the market…one looked like a pile of rocks! Reminded me of some of the remote sections of Egypt when we visited there.

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    • cook the beans

      Hi Rich, The thing that looks like rocks is the dry pulp of baobab tree fruit (they call the tree – imbondeiro) its dry because it’s easier to conserve and you can make powder to add to hot dishes such as soups or drinks, thanks for passing by and glad you enjoyed the photos.


    • cook the beans

      I joined a cooperation project between the government of Portugal and the government of Angola, and I was there training teachers. Angola is a close country for tourists, but because shares a common history and language with Portugal there is some work opportunities there, but still no free movement of people at all, it’s very hard even for us (Portuguese) to be allowed to enter the country

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      • sportsdiva64

        Beautiful post and pictures. I knew some what about Angola, especially their First Lady, but I didn’t realize the country was a closed country. So very sad because from your pictures , it looks like a very beautiful place .

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