How to Make Tofu with only 2 ingredients (como fazer tofu só com 2 ingredientes)

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Tofu is actually easier than you might expect and well worth the effort.

  •  1 litre organic unsweetened soy milk (no additives)
  •  juice of 2 lemons

Bring the soy milk to a boil over medium heat, stirring from time to time and then let it simmer for about 4-5 minutes.

Remove the pot from heat. Add the lemon juice and stir.When you notice that the soy milk is beginning to coagulate, cover the pot and let it sit for 5-10 minutes.

Transfer the content into the cloth-lined colander or tofu press and let it sit for at least 20- 30 minutes. Your tofu is ready to eat/use. If you are not using it right away, soak it in water and refrigerate. Change the water everyday if you don’t use the tofu.

TIPS: you can make your own soy milk, by soaking dried soybeans overnight and mixing the beans with water


Fazer tofu em casa é muito mais fácil do que imaginas…

  • leite de soja (organico, sem açúcar nem aditivos)
  • sumo de 2 limões 

Aquecer o leite até que ferva, mexendo ocasionalmente, depois deixar mais 4-5 minutos em lume brando.
Retirar do lume, adicionar o sumo de limão e mexer. Tapar o tacho e deixar repousar 5-10 minutos.
Transferir o tofu para um coador com pano ou para uma prensa e prensar bem por 20-30 minutos, et voilà está pronto para entrar num belo cozinhado 🙂 Se não for para usar imediatamente, mergulhar o tofu em água e guardar no frigorífico. Mudar a água todos os dias  até que seja cozinhado.

DICAS: em vez de comprar leite de soja, pode-se faze-lo demolhando os feijões de soja durante a noite e depois triturar em alta velocidade com água.

18 thoughts on “How to Make Tofu with only 2 ingredients (como fazer tofu só com 2 ingredientes)

  1. Inese Poga Art plus Life

    I’ve never tried any vegan recipes because I still believe everything has to be on the table, but it looks very inspirational and most likely those who are vegetarians can find a very good info here.
    Thanks from which is my secondary blog where I share life lessons since I’ve been in medical writing for about 35 years.

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    • cook the beans

      Hi Inese, thanks for leaving a comment, and it’s never later to try new things, all my recipes are quite easy and quick to do (just do way I like it 😊) so I not to give it a go?! thanks for sharing the link to your blog its really nice and full of interesting stories and articles. I will keep reading it!
      Love Ana xx


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