BEAN SPROUTS & how to eat and grow

Found a great compilation of ideias with bean sprouts, I just love the crisp texture, and fresh flavor, and it’s easy to do. On top of that they are nutritionally great. But first I will explain how to grow bean sprouts.


How to Grow Bean Sprouts

You can easily grow to sprout mung beans, lentils, alfalfa, chickpeas, and adzuki beans. Wash the beans, fill a large bowl with cool, clean water. The beans will expand as they soak and take up even more space as they sprout, so give them plenty of space in the bowl. Allow them to soak at least 12h at room temperature.

Drain the water give it a rinse with fresh water and drain again. Find a spot away from the sunlight, leave some water in the base and make. Rinse and drain the beans with fresh water at least twice a day,and make sure they are not drying out completely.

Keep doing this until the sprouts grow to the length you want. Lentils and mung beans have been the fastest growing in my experience  they just take a day or two. Give your sprouts a final rinse and drain them well in a colander before refrigerating, in glass container. You can eat them raw or add into a dish in the final minutes of cooking.

Have a look at this blog and find some great ideas of how to eat the bean sprouts.


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